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They say time heals all wounds and we certainly hope that is the case for these stages of grief that believers in the impossible have been cycling through since 2010. Detailed in this DJ Booth article, All City Chess Club was slated to be The Scorpion King’s oasis in a desert of turn of the decade Hip-Hop. But what was supposed to raise an army of undead lyricism over Pharrell inspired beats, was instead a necropolis, as fictional as Hamunaptra.

Nine years later, residual memories of the super group that could have been make their rounds across social media platforms and live on as murmurs around blog water coolers. While the collective acceptance of the fate of ACCC has been reached, there are still many questions unanswered and bears un-poked. The dismantling of the group may not make it to the yearbook pages, but one has to wonder what the alumni newsletters would look like at the 10 year reunion. For the kids voted Most Likely To Succeed, we have to ask, "Where Are They Now?"

Asher Roth

His aura took the form of the Aroura bourealis and his northern light continued to beam from 2010 to the present. In 2011, Roth released his mixtape Pabst & Jazz as a recent artist on Def Jam. His next album was tentatively titled Is This Too Orange, but he scrapped that title out of respect for now label mate Frank Ocean's Channel Orange. From 2012 to the present, Asher announced an EP Rawther with Nottz Raw and Travis Barker and and subsequently released the follow up to his successful mixtape The Greenhouse Effect, The Greenhouse Effect 2.

RetroHash was released in 2014 and is a phenomenal project with features from ZZ Ward, Curren$sy, and Chuck Inglish. In 2016, Roth finally released his promised EP Rawther and hinted at working on his third album, Red Hot Revival by dropping loosie freestyles.

Asher's latest entry to his discography comes with the help of Cool Kid Chuck Inglish. Along with his consistentcy in music, Asher can also be caught helping keep the City of Brotherly Love beautiful by volunteering for community clean-ups.Stream his 2019 single "Can't Jump" and check back to see what the rest of the group has been up to.


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