#NewArtist - AlphaRiff

It's not easy being introduced to someone's music via their live show. Opening acts have this issue all the time; understanding that they are seen as filler until the headliner emerges. There is an added weight of knowing this is a first impression as well as putting "headliner" energy into a performance you are almost certain nobody will be able to follow.

AlphaRiff is not new to the Nerdcore scene, but he has been absent in the past couple years. His re-emergence at #SXSW2019 was met with reverence and video games. The Nerdcore Showcases, hosted and curated by Vincent "DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N." Banks are a cultural staple at SXSW and, for the niche target audience, a welcome sidestep to mainstream SXSW shows.

This year, the showcases were held at Firehouse Lounge, a hostel and speakeasy in downtown Austin whose entrance is hidden by a sliding bookshelf, Kick Butt Coffee, and Game Over Video Games. While each of these venues were undoubtedly picked because of their ambiance, nothing spoke more to the heart of the genre than the performances at Game Over Video Games.

AlphaRiff's performance at Game Over was an epic told over instrumentals. Telling the story of an intergalactic bounty hunter from another planet and his A.I., AlphaRiff weaved a tale of self actualization, fear, love, remorse and peace. The show demonstrated captivating storytelling through rap, rock, ballads and composition. When speaking on sequencing on both projects and live performances, nothing comes close to the way that AlphaRiff created this Cowboy Bebop-esque tale.

Watch the full performance below and visit AlphaRiff's Pateron to get the full story of this master class in story-telling.


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