#Lu-Inspired: "From a Throne of Their Bones I Rule" by Lee

Inspiration can come from and manifest in different ways and for Lee, those rays of creativity translate through music, writing and art. When asked about the origins of this piece, Lee elaborated on when and why it was created:

The piece was inspired by "The Game's" presence in the Tetsuo and Youth album thematically, so I took his image (dice for eyes, bullets for teeth, ect) & fused it with the anime character Tetsuo, basically showing him possessed by The Game, sitting on the throne of the bones, with Micheal Young in the background.

Lee was able to fuse the narrative of The Cool with Tetsuo and Youth to construct a re-imagined image of Akira's Tetsuo. What was produced is a gritty look at the story of Michael Young and how The Game can come for anyone.

Follow Lee on Twitter, where he shares his thoughts on music and drops links to his Youtube movie reviews. Be warned, #LeeHatesEverything, but he always gives an adequate reason why.

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