Lupe Fiasco Confirms He's Working on The Cool 2, Teasing Fans With Possible Album Art on Twitter and Instagram!

Lupe Fiasco continues to answer the prayers of fans around the world by reaffirming on Twitter and Instagram that he's working on The Cool 2, a followup to his 2007 conceptual sophomore release, The Cool.

Along with the update, it's believed that Lupe also revealed a part of the album artSince last year, Lupe had entertained the possibility of creating a sequel to The Cool, stating that he had ideas of a story involving Michael Young History and his daughter.

He continued to fuel that fire, when tweeting about the song "T.R.O.N", from his most recently released album, Tetsuo & Youth. In March of this year, Lupe responded to a fan on Instagram, stating that he was writing Skulls and The Cool 2, and just last month, he mentioned that he is working on his latest project.

The sighting of this artwork is great news, since it shows that the album is slowly but surely, coming together. Lupe's ideas seem to be materializing from the drawing board, and with his latest mixtape, Pharaoh Height, speaking volumes, one can only expect another great album.


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