Call it a Dope Opera: Lupe is Writing a Weekly Soap Opera on Instagram!

I think we can all tell by now that Lupe Fiasco has a thing for writing. To date, he has masterfully penned five studio albums and at least six official mixtapes, along with various lengthy letters to fans, law enforcement, and even the late, great, Gil Scott-Heron.

Adding to his resume, Lupe has decided to take a stab at modern literature by creating an Instagram-based soap opera called Silver Poles. The first part of the tale takes place in an exotic dance club and is told from the perspective of an unknown narrator.

While the effort is quite ambitious, this however, is not the first time Lupe has used social media to share a story he's created. Lu already has a six chapter novel he wrote on Twitter beneath his belt, titled, Teriyaki Joe: Neo-Harlem Detective. The six parts of that novel have been wonderfully archived on the Genius site, for your reading pleasure.

Although he didn't state how long the series will run for, Lupe did mention that he will be posting weekly, so stay tuned for episode two! To read the first installment to Lupe's Instagram soap, Silver Poles, click the link below.

Episode 1: Money Time


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