Video: Lupe Fiasco - Mural (Lyric Breakdown)

You may remember in 2011 when we posted videos by TimesNuRoman where he dissected multiple Lupe songs including Failure, Lupe The Killer, Absolute Freestyle and more. Now that Lupe has dropped arguably his most lyrically intricate song, TimesNuRoman is back with another video! There's only so much that can be put on screen as he tries to keep up with Lupe rapping his ass off, but if you'd like some extra clues to figure Mural out, check the video above!


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    1. Lol true, I kept noticing that throughout the album, I was like damn lol

  2. Mural= a glimpse of Lupe's peak rhyming/ability on the mic. Funny how only TimesNuRoman was able decipher half of the song more than that half-ass rapgenius annotation (they suck)..There's more to it on this song, but shoutout to TimesNuRoman for coming thru..Mural= if you really put on your thinking cap is actually the last song on the album and the beginning of Lupe's true ability of his craft...To be continued...on SKULLS


    pizza man don't come here no more!


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