1. Yes!!!!! And I know it's going to be a powerful one at that!

  2. No way!

    I am,

    Temporary "fapping vigorously right now" name

  3. Coming soon with lupe means coming out next year hopefully. Or months from now... But you know you can't trust that its really coming soon

    1. I'm gonna have to object right there. And only for one reason that is most likely the truth.

      The delays Lu has given us in the past had mostly to do with the artistic differences with him and Atlantic treating him like a basement artist.

      But now that he is independent, he doesn't have that barrier too much.

      I mean, Lu wouldn't propose the possibilities of two different albums coming soon (Skulls and new Japanese Cartoon), oh and even Black Vietnam album to name a third.

      Realistically, it doesn't mean soon as in tomorrow or the next day, but I'm sure some of these things will come soon this year. If not early next year.

      As far as the video, he's probably paying for it himself and it might come out soon within these next few weeks since Atlantic is no longer obligated to find him/him obligated under their control.

      I guess, we shall see.

    2. Yeah he is independent after this album, but anything off the album including this upcoming music video is still under Atlantic Records.

    3. Very true sir, I'm curious to see if this may be the last of things from the album.

    4. I hope not, there should be more music videos at least one or two more (two being generous and one more after this one is probably realistic). I wish he could do another trilogy video with Prisoner 1 & 2 and Madonna, but it looks like Madonna is its own thing.

  4. I'd rather have a video for little death cuz it sounds better and I like the chemistry between them better on that song


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