1. Should be the Skulls album cover

  2. At first I thought it was a painting from the bottom left corner, but then when I came back to it I realized the parental advisory was on there. So I was like ohhhhh shitttttt

    Hopefully this means what I think it means :D

    1. But now I'm also thinking, why would it say Tetsuo and Youth?

      What could this mean?

  3. Sadly, now that I think of it, it may just be alternative album art or album art he was going to use before choosing his painting. But the skull makes me feel like this is either some sort of continuation of Tetsuo and Youth somehow or just alluding to Skulls which might be next. Who knows.

    The funny part is this post, no words, no description, it may as well have been Lu posting this with all the mystery around it.

  4. Okay so what is the purpose of these paintings?

    are we meant to smoke weed, get high and stare at it?

    I am,

    Temporary" what is the meaning of this? " name.


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