Audio: Lupe Fiasco interview with Renada Romain! [UPDATED w/ Video!]

Last month, Lupe went up to the Ear Candy Mornings show on Hip Hop Nation and sat down with Renada Romain. They spoke about privacy, record sales, individuality, the meaning of the title "Tetsuo & Youth", the different phases of the album and more. Listen above!

UPDATE: Above, we have a video clip from the interview. Full audio after the jump!


  1. Artistic artist ha!... she definitely earned an L for that comment.

    This interview is about the promotion of the album Tetsuo&Youth. I know Lupe is pretty much done, speaking on politics and religion. I can tell that by his unwillingness to answer Renedas last question. However during the last minutes of the interview I was taken aback by his comment.

    I've been listening, following and observing Lu for a long time (that's right I have no life) im used to sudden outlandish comments from him. But right now I’m so baffled. I think this is the funkiest shit Lupe has ever said in his career.
    To those who listened to the interview, I ask this question, what exactly did he mean by that last comment?

    I am at the edge of my seat right now.


    1. Haha, I can't blame him for not wanting to do anymore interviews...artistic artist...come the fuck on haha.

      In my eyes and ears, it does not get better than Lupe. Epitome of the Socratic method. So I think paying so much attention to him means you may have more of a life than most. Or maybe I just have no life as well and am in denial. Who knows haha.

      As to your question, I'm not sure which comment you're referring to.

    2. Are you referring to the part where he said the term "proud Muslim" is another oxymoron?

    3. I may be wrong, but I believe he means saying that he is a "proud Muslim" is like saying he is an "artistic artist".

    4. I think he said being a "proud Muslim" is an oxymoron because pride is a sin in pretty much every religion.

  2. Lol ok sorry but God this woman is annoying as hell. You can tell she annoyed him with that stupid artistic artist shit.

    On another note, she said "I feel you focused more on the music than the lyrics" LOL OK BITCH. lol just kidding but it's funny to hear.

    But this girl man, this girl...

    The lesser of interviewers I've heard and GOD it's annoying where she chooses to go to break. Sorry, it's probably not even her lol

    But seriously though, she's like a rhetorical question, no need to have any more input.

    ...I'm typing this as I'm listening to it. I'm also really tired and this is really just wasting all of our time lol but she sounds more like a puppy dog whos on her first day.

    Lol I'm an ass. But damn she's annoying

  3. So obvious she didn't listen to the album. "More attention to the music than the actual lyrics".????? What the hell was she listening to? Lol. She annoyed me with her questions too. "Artistic artist" haha.

  4. this old woman is the worst interviewer ive ever heard... how has she got a job , i dont understand , but ill be sure never to hear anything she does again , as its pointless.......


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