Video: Lupe Fiasco does his LAST interview & radio freestyle on Sway In The Morning!

With his interview career winding down (Tavis Smiley will be the very last next week), Lupe stopped by Sway In The Morning for a very candid conversation. He spoke about validation, gave his opinion on the recent cultural appropriation debate, album sales, the early Tetsuo & Youth singles, people jumping to conclusions on social media, apologizing to Chief Keef and his conflict with Kid Cudi. He also revealed how "Chopper" came to be and says that "Mural" was mostly unwritten. He spoke on the new Chicago scene and said that people like Kendrick Lamar, Dosage, Charlie Clips, Loaded Lux and Daylyt inspire him.

Lupe also turned Sway In The Morning into a bonus round of #PhilosophySunday by posing the question, "Would you rather live in a world where hip-hop doesn't exist because the societal, economic and cultural conditions that created it don't exist either, or leave things as is?". Answer the question in the comments below!

Finally, after blessing Sway In The Morning with freestyle of the year last time, Lupe did his last radio freestyle ever. This one is special as Lupe does a run-down of his entire career thus far, all off the top of the head! Watch below!


  1. Love this man. and that freestyle was flames! because it was a story i was worried he would fuck up, but he kept with it. its amazing to see how far hes come, man. So legendary

  2. Sways verse on Break the Chain is under appreciated! You can tell these two guys are tight, must've been fun to join forces on a track for them! he sounds diff than when he raps tho

    1. That is not the same Sway. Break the Chain Sway is a British Rapper. Look up "Lupe and Sway on Semtex" on Youtube. Here you go:

    2. This guy aint British! Are you deaf?

  3. Lu's Twitter timeline has some new news you guys can post, including another performance and interview! :)


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