Video: Guy Sebastian x Lupe Fiasco perform "Linger" in Sydney!

Lupe is currently in the land down under as he is about to go on a small tour run with Nelly and B.o.B. While he's out there, he connected with Guy Sebastian in Sydney and they performed their collab "Linger" for the first time at a media launch event. Fortunately, someone was able to record the live stream of the event, watch it above!


  1. Awesome performance, great chemistry

  2. They are uniquely sensational together!

    It shows Lupe's diversity as an artist that he can write and perform with a variety of artists which gives him exposure to a whole of lot people that would never have discovered him and his immense talent otherwise.

  3. If it wasn't for really enjoying a lot of the music Guy Sebastian puts out I wouldn't have gone to listen to Lupe's music and artistry as I didn't perceive it as 'my thing'. Since Battle Scars I've listened to lots of Lupe's work and he is indeed very talented. I LOVE this new song Linger and am looking forward to listening to Lupe's 'Blurred Hands' which features Guy. I think their voices 'fit' together beautifully and I love their chemistry when they perform live together.

  4. Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian gave another stellar performance of Linger this morning in Australia on the Sunrise on Channel 7 show. Synergy together is great! I love how they change it up a little bit each time they perform live together.


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