Tetsuo & Youth will be Lupe Fiasco's last album on Atlantic Records?!

With Tetsuo & Youth just over a month away, we were looking ahead to what Lupe would do after his fifth studio album was released. The thought was that he would drop his next album, Skulls, and it would serve as his final album under contract with Atlantic Records, but things seem to have changed. Yesterday, Lupe went on Twitter and said that though it isn't finalized, Chilly Chill is in the process of working the terms out for Tetsuo & Youth to be Lupe's last album on the label.

In the past, Lupe has said that he signed a 5 album deal with Atlantic with an option for them to pick up a 6th album. It looks like Atlantic has chosen against that option and Lupe will have fullfilled his contract sooner than expected. It'll be interesting to see where Lupe goes from here as he has expressed a desire to go indie as well as signing with Blue Note Records. We're likely to get a definitive answer early next year after Tetsuo & Youth is released, so stay tuned!


  1. I hope everything works out with him in his favor..Forget signing to another label if he go indy i pray he get distribution deal

  2. Call me slow but, when did Chilly get out?


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