SiriusXM determines that Lupe Fiasco had the best Sway In The Morning freestyle of the year!

Earlier this year, Lupe went up to Sway In The Morning on Shade45 and dropped a crazy freestyle off the top. After seeing alot of MC's go up there and do their thing, SiriusXM made a list of the best and Lupe reigns supreme as best freestyle of the year:

Is it any surprise Lupe finished atop the list? His freestyle was the most viewed Sway in the Morning freestyle of 2014, not counting the Five Fingers of Death series.

All metrics as of Dec. 4 at 11 am ET. Freestyle videos with at least 100,000 views were ranked in several categories, including total views, likes, dislikes, likes-to-dislikes ratio, views-per-like and views-per-dislike. Some metrics (views) were rated more heavily than others (dislikes – screw the haters!) Lupe was ranked No. 1 with a rating of 13.21 out of a possible 17.

The video is now less than 10,000 views away from hitting the million mark! Even though Lupe retired from radio freestyles after this display, we hope he changes his mind and kills the 5 Fingers Of Death the next time he visits Sway. Click HERE to check out the rest of the list!

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  1. he destroyed it....easily

    also check out the funkmaster flex freestyle

    Toy T


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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