Video: Symbolyc One speaks in depth about Black Vietnam and his relationship with Lupe Fiasco!

S1 sat down with and spoke on how the Black Vietnam project with Lupe came about. He says that after producing several tracks for Tetsuo & Youth, he contacted Lupe about possibly doing a full project together. He goes on to say that Lupe felt so comfortable rapping over his production that he immediately jumped at the idea. After spending a few hours on the phone, they had the idea for Black Vietnam almost completely established. While the project is not entirely recorded, he says that they have beats, concepts, hooks and lyrics already mapped out and will be going in the studio next month to put the pieces together.

S1 even shows the camera a text he received from Lupe that reads, "Yo..."Anatomy" is crazy as fuck!!!" They both seem to be very excited for this project so we can't wait to hear what Black Vietnam sounds like!


  1. So much to look forward to, sounds promising

  2. Anyone who knows me know eye practically worship the ground lupe walks on. But eye must say, there have been albums after albums that never came into fruition with lupe. Eye would love this but eye'll believe it when eye hear it. Let's get Tetsuo first anyway....

  3. I also have a somewhat unhealth obsession with Lupe, and yeah, like he said on SLR2, sometimes it's hard to be his fan, but he's definitely worth it keeping an "eye" on. It's also nice to see the man S1 up here. He's obviously a good connect for Lupe to have.


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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