Preview: Lupe Fiasco ft Nikki Jean - Haile Selassie (prod. by Soundtrakk)

While we wait for Lost In The Atlantic Ocean to drop, Lupe keeps giving us a taste of what we can expect. First, we learned of "Lilies" ft Sirah produced by The Buchanans. Above, we have a snippet of a track titled after the revered last emperor of Ethiopia featuring the trio behind the classic, "Hip Hop Saved My Life". Stay tuned!


  1. All I wanna hear is new Lupe stuff right now smh. New stuff is vibing real well. Well here I go back listening to Failure

  2. OMG!! why does every snippet off this album sound so flames??!! like the heat is radiating off my laptop. All i want for christmas is to bump this album

  3. Every snippet off the album sound good but the songs suck like Pussy

  4. are you sure this is lupe! the rap sounds nasty!

    1. Well he release it on HIS Instagram so I'm gonna say its lu.

  5. Selassie? the guy who ran to the British 1936 and left his people to starve?


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