Lupe Fiasco x Fall Out Boy collaborate on remix to Bulls' anthem 'Only the Bulls'!

via Chicago Tribune:
The original song – which was created by Ira Antelis, Cheryl Berman and Steve Schanwald in 1996 -- has been given a modern update, courtesy of rapper Lupe Fiasco and rock band Fall Out Boy. Fiasco contributed two rap verses for the song while Fall Out Boy provided the instrumentals and chorus. Both artists were chosen because of their local ties.

“There is something special about growing up in and around Chicago,” Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz said in a statement. “It is in the DNA of everything we do ... The red and black is inescapable. We are honored to be a part of this new chapter of the Bulls musically but truly we feel like we've always been there.”

The Bulls began playing the original version of “Only the Bulls” following victories at the United Center last year. Bulls Manager of Game Presentation Emily Livacari said the new version will likely play during warm-ups and in the fourth quarter during celebratory moments, though plans are still tentative.

“There is the technical aspect of the song, to get fans to stand up and put their hands up,” said Fiasco, who grew up seven blocks from Chicago Stadium, in a statement. “I got that out of the way early. Then there’s the meaning and nostalgia of the original Bulls theme and then revamping it with new pieces and parts ... I was trying to paint this painting in music of what I look at when I see the Bulls.”

There are also plans to shoot a music video for the song featuring various players from the Chicago Bulls roster. Click HERE to read more!


  1. D-Rose, the BULLS, and now Lupe going all the way this year.

  2. Lupe's verse on the Arms Race remix is still one of his best features.

  3. Yeah thats a dope verse!!!!...easily the best verse in the whole song.... Lu Killed it!!!, outshined the rest!!!!!


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