Audio: Lupe Fiasco releases 2 new snippets!

Lupe recently dropped 2 new snippets on Instagram but deleted them quickly. Fortunately, 2 fans were able to grab them before they were taken off. Above, we have Koko_Koture's rip of a track where Lupe is rapping about the famous Harold's restaurant in Chicago over a soulful beat. Below, we have Heezy's rip of Lupe delivering a CRAZY flow! We don't know where these track are from yet, but hopefully we'll get to hear them soon!

Audio recording and upload >>


  1. These two and the earlier snippet with lupe rapping alongside in a car have made me Ultrahyped on lupes projects

  2. In the first snippet he says something about 5th album so that should be tetsuo .. Niggas better quit tripping and sleeping on the emperor. Esp his fans

  3. Second one is like a BONE flow. Awesome!


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