Prolyfic: Reel Beat Tape Vol. 1

This is a compilation of instrumentals from songs I produced which were released over the past year, plus a couple added unreleased tracks. These are the real beats, fresh off the REEL (hence the name). They have not been professionally mixed, nor mastered.

This is how they sound bounced straight from the master bus. In the comments section you’ll either find links to where the original songs can be downloaded, or a description of what artist I was targeting when I created the track. Special thanks to Rene Marban for the artwork. All Rights Reserved. Hope you enjoy!

Listen below!

via FSD


  1. I don't know who to contact about this, but surrounding the whole Kendrick Lamar verse situation, Lupe did some hilarious shit, check it out!

    And please make a post of it, Lu related!


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