1. Replies
    1. 1:05-1:12 mocking B.O.B. style

      1:13-1:27 mocking T.I. style

      1:27-1:45 mocking Kanye style

      1:45-1:57 mocking Jay-Z style

      1:57-2:20 mocking Drake style

      2:20-2:40 mocking 2 Chainz style

      2:40-2:55 mocking Lil Wayne style

    2. AMAZING


      RICK ROSS :30
      MEEK MILL :50
      T.I. :1:02
      B.O.B. 1:13
      KANYE 1:28
      2 CHAINZ 1:57
      DRAKE 2:13
      LAMAR 2:20
      LIL WAYNE 2:40



  3. [Intro]
    For real though, like for real though
    Like for real
    You know what I'm sayin', I don't even
    It's like, niggas must forget who the fuck
    Did what the fuck
    When the fuck
    When niggas was still, not the fuck
    Or whatever
    Fine then, I say

    [Verse 1]
    Dear Lord, have mercy on my banana clips
    Give 'em half, call it that banana splits
    But my halves is really like a banana 6
    Do these bananas have any idea who they on the planet with?
    Apes, yeah you bananas to the grapes
    That mean your bitch got a banana in her face
    And wine on her chin, get these heathens off of my trunk
    And all of these swine up off my rims
    Tryin' to take the shine up off of my Benz
    SLR, nigga please
    Niggas 'bout to go to work so these bitches gon' have to leave
    Gon' roll around with that B-Y, nigga just roll up my sleeve
    Got body plans, so I karate stance so I could open up my chi
    Lu the boy, too Bruce Lee boy to destroy
    Doo doo beat like two tea boys with one freak one me
    But I can DP like it's three more
    Three rewards for me or me or me or me or me or me
    Team me is like me eating animals meeting a meteor
    Dinosaurs, I'm fine with all kinds of wars
    Knives and swords, lions, tigers bitin' boars
    Lightening striking viking hordes
    Fighting heightened, violence soars
    Wie kommt er kann nicht so böse wie Lu bekommen?
    That was Adolf, reacting to my new shit
    Translation: how come he can't be as evil as Lu get?
    Well that's cause you ain't Lu, bitch
    Took two sips of the holy grail
    Then I backed up and I turned around
    And I bent over and pittoo'd shit
    I love Jay, that's my nigga
    I feel sicker than a cruise ship
    I ain't competition, I don't move shit
    The only opposition is this new shit
    These new niggas rappin' like they 2
    They be actin' like they you, man that's-- wheeeeeew shit
    What happened to the game?
    Niggas think they Jappin' cause they rappin' like they Wayne
    Rappin' like they Chainz
    I ain't matchin' them and platinum
    But I'm rappin' like I'm flames
    Like smackin' them in the back of him and my antonyms is on 'cain
    And my heroin is on metaphors and my metaphors is on brains
    My left foot is in LA but my right foot is in Spain
    Now we all heard what he said, but what he said means we dead
    And that shit is insane
    He's so crazy, look at the little baby
    Nigga you ain't Nas, nigga you ain't Jay-Z
    You will respect me, you will reject me
    But I've done so much, no matter how far you go, you will reflect me
    SLR, nigga please
    These niggas 'bout to go to work so these bitches gon' have to leave
    And when the bitch gone, knee shots disabled
    Your DVD of Dick Jones in your TV and a grenade all on your table
    And my punch bowl's like an ocean
    And I lay it on by the ladle
    But it's so strong, when I pull it out, I'm only hangin' on to a handle
    Satan on my ankles while I'm hangin' on to an angel
    Ain't hatin' on that you hatin' wrong, cause you can't hang on to my angles
    It's hard being a Lupe fan, go to Harvard to be a Lupe stan
    I ain't sayin' that I'm harder, it's just harder when it's in Lupe's hands
    Welcome nigga, Lupe Land, SLR
    Here we go, FL bars
    Hold up, go back to the hard part
    Would say pause, but I was talkin' 'bout my own balls

  4. Impressive! Clap clap clap... I would love to hear what Andre 3000 and Eminem have to say about "Control" ...

  5. Wooooow king lupe..... THE game is gonna go wild...im talking about rapper the game lol...gooooooo lupe

  6. Well gotdayyumm lupe i didnt see this shit comin to bad aint nobody gon hear this cuz they not checkin for lupe like that

  7. I'm blown away!! This is sooo good!!!!

  8. God bless you Lu... stay true, do you and have no mercy on these bitches!

  9. Eh. Average. =\. Almost ashamed to call this SLR v2

  10. I spit out that holy grail sip too...

  11. Wow. He raps in Kendrick style to respond to him. I've said it before, he imitates other rappers' flow better than they do themselves. He did Biggie, Snoop, Twista, Kanye, and now Kendrick.

    While it not his best, the message is loud and clear. And definitely good quality music. Thank you Lupe! We hear you!

  12. We should all tweet Lupe to get on the Control verse.

  13. Lupe didn't even pen this response and it appears he did at the request of a follower on Twitter. Is it as lyrical as we mite want it to be...no. However, again it's NOT penned, and ppl are still like,"what did he say?"which is one his greatness. His response is more of him havin fun and it's the most comical and unique response. Not to mention he still has buzz simply by half assin. #respect -Law

  14. Did someone just say it wasn't penned as in off the dome can anyone confirm this?

    1. Breeze, he said it on his twitter-Law

    2. He said it took him 2 hours to make this song....


  15. I thought Lupe and Kendrick respected each other quite a bit, did that stop recently? What happened?

    1. Lol it's just something to raise the bar. No beef or direspect.

  16. "Eh. Average. =\. Almost ashamed to call this SLR v2"

    ^^ i second that.

  17. This rap song was made in 2 hours, so if yall dumb it down, just think of "who could have made such a track in 2 hours" - NONE. Only lupe!!!!

  18. Lu?.....cant be questioned. Kendrick?....lets just call this a stunt. Publicly.

  19. Lupe = Mc2 (E=Mc2)Einstein ;)

  20. That German part...? HOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIT! :O Probably the most memorable verse I've heard since Strange Fruition verse 2.

  21. Lu been dope!......this aint shit new....niggas act suprised.......the whole teams raw!.....lu and bishop G r str8 monsters!!!....

  22. Agreed!......FNF/1500ENT alllllllll day!....damn, i can almost predict the outcome of what that reunion would be like. Because those nigs have more bars than prison cells!!!!!........Damaged hope PLEASE¡!!!!...

  23. I'm confused. Kendrick didn't diss anyone. Why all this response?

  24. http://pigeonsandplanes.com/2013/08/lupe-fiasco-is-not-impressed-with-kendrick-lamars-new-verse/

    Why tf wasn't this posted???? Sean tf??

  25. 99YROC, he said he liked it, he just said that people are EASILY impressed.

  26. Nahh I got that, I mean the fact he ghostwrote all those rappers' rebuttals so brilliantly... from Wayne to MF DOOM.

  27. For those saying SLR 2 is wack, perhaps, that was part of the response Lupe wanted. Sure, he wanted to have people enjoy it but wouldn't it be a crazy diss to those in the rap game to emulate them in song, as he does, and then have people call it wack?

    Indirectly then, the fans would be saying that the sound of all the rappers he emulated were terrible which is exactly what Lupe has been saying about the rap game all along. It's just this time, he got you to say it.

    And for the Lupe fans that understand, they see this true greatness and respect the song. It's like the perfect comeback.

    1. It's satire and people don't even get it! He told u right from the opening lyrics he wasn't really trying. The way he did that using someone elses style is crazy and ova heads. He also ended by saying he already knows ppl gonna say it's wack b/c they don't get it. Which is why he said that hatin on him b/c of his angels and u gotta go to Harvard to be a Lupe stan line.

  28. holy shit ......

    but K Dot sounded VERRRRY RAAAWWWW.. ♪
    Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
    Tell Flex to drop a bomb on this shit
    So many bombs, ring the alarm like Vietnam in
    this shit
    So many bombs, make Farrakhan think Saddam
    in this bitch
    One at a time, I line ‘em up and bomb on they
    While she watchin’ the kids
    I’m in a destruction mode if the gold exists
    I’m important like the pope, I’m a muslim on
    I’m Makaveli’s offspring, I’m the king of New
    King of the Coast, one hand, I juggle them
    The juggernaut’s all in your jugular, you take
    me for jokes
    Live in the basement, church pews and funeral
    Cartier bracelets for my women friends I’m in
    Who the fuck y’all thought it’s supposed to be?
    If Phil Jackson came back, still no coachin’ me
    I’m uncoachable, I’m unsociable
    Fuck y’all clubs, fuck y’all pictures
    Your Instagram can gobble these nuts
    Gobble dick up ’til you hiccup, my big homie
    This the same flow that put the rap game on a
    I’ve seen niggas transform like villain
    Mollies’ll prolly turn these niggas to fuckin’
    Lindsay Lohan
    A bunch of rich ass white girls lookin’ for
    Playin with Barbies, wreck the Porsche before
    you give ‘em the car key
    Judgement to the monarchy, blessings to Paul
    You called me a black Beatle, I’m either that or
    a Marley
    (I don’t smoke crack motherfucker I sell it)
    I’m dressed in all black, this is not for the fan
    of Elvis
    I’m aimin’ straight for your pelvis, you can’t
    stomach me
    You plan on stumpin’ me?
    Bitch I’ve been jumped before you put a gun
    on me
    Bitch I put one on yours, I’m Sean Connery
    James Bonding with none of you niggas
    Climbing 100 mil in front of me
    And I’m gonna get it even if you’re in the way
    And if you’re in it, better run for Pete’s sake
    I heard the barbershops be in great debates all
    the time
    Bout who’s the best MC? Kendrick, Jigga and
    Eminem, Andre 3000, the rest of y’all
    New niggas just new niggas, don’t get involved
    And I ain’t rockin no more designer shit
    White T’s and Nike Cortez, this is red Corvettes
    I’m usually homeboys with the same niggas I’m
    rhymin’ wit
    But this is hip hop and them niggas should
    know what time it is
    And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big KRIT,
    Pusha T, Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky, Drake
    Big Sean, Jay Electron’, Tyler, Mac Miller
    I got love for you all but I’m tryna murder you
    Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of
    you niggas
    They dont wanna hear not one more noun or
    verb from you niggas
    What is competition? I’m tryna raise the bar
    Who tryna jump and get it? You better off
    tryna skydive
    Out the exit window of 5 G5’s with 5 grand
    With your granddad as the pilot he drunk as
    fuck tryna land
    With the hand full of arthritis and popping
    prosthetic leg
    Bumpin Pac in the cockpit so the shit that
    pops in his head
    Is an option of violence, someone heard the
    stewardess said
    That your parachute is a latex condom hooked
    to a dread

  29. At the beginning and end of the day, lu's a better artist/rapper/MC or whateva the hell you wana call it than the new comer is.....PERIOD!......forget all haters and deaf ass niggas or people who cant seem to get or understand it!......its obvious that theyre not devoted listeners and clearly dont know what the fuck raps or for that matter lifes about..........smh

  30. I have been saying this for about a year to my peeps playfully...I am married to Lupe but I am cheating on him with Kendrick. LUPE cant be mad with Kendrick. KENDRICK is hungry, focus, versatile, and puts in work to be the people's champ....Lupe has lost focus. HE is focus on being anarchy rebel now, djing, and chilling in Australia. HE doesnt tour like he use too and his raps now are waaay over nigs heads than ever before and dare I say acts funny to his core fans. I know the industry has jaded Lu but the people dont care about that (messed up but its true)...because the end of the day we dont know the industry...all we know is our love of the music and culture. I am and always will be in love with Lu's play on words, storytellin, actism, and positivity...but lets be honest....Lu has been slackin when it comes to bringing material for the ppl....that is why he wasn't even mentioned in the Kendrick challenge (not diss)...he is not even a threat and thats the reality smdh.


  32. CoolRanch you say he didn't mention Lu cause he's not relevant.Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky, Drake,Big Sean and those are? None of the above can hold anything to Lu. And Lu seems back on his game. He has always been on his game but most think not. Slr2 shows this time around he plan to shut everyone. And then with skulls he plan to put the nail in the casket with soundtrakk bars. FL bars!Comment is all over the place but really what does Lu still have to prove? What does any of the legends prove? Nothing unless provoked.


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