1. In a whip that you've never seen before
    Never blipped on your radar screen before
    You're doing what I was doing when I did it a couple magazines ago
    That means if you Lebron, I was doing that Kareems ago
    Abdul-Jabbar, the coolest star, lightyears ahead of 15 below
    How hot I am and cold I is, is the words that I just spoke I did
    I hope I did cause sometimes I forget how much of a goat I is
    Not a measuring of how dope I did, not an athlete
    but the black sheep, I just rap sheep/shit
    I focused so hard last time I blinked I broke my lids
    That was kinda weak/wake, but what do you expect when I get no sleep
    I'm my own worst critic, most times we splitted, but we see eye to eye how well we speak
    Perfect verses. better yet letters, get togethers, graduations, and auctions
    Bad at lying/lion, but I speak that well/whale
    Also awesome at talking to dolphins

    Sorry I can't be there, but I'm back up in the lab
    So just find somebody pretty to accept on my behalf
    Sorry I can't be there, but I'm back up in the lab
    Making papers, making papers
    Front pagers and a stash
    While I'm busy on my grizzy, making all my haters mad
    But I feel I keep it way too real even when I pretend, win

  2. Lupe is the x-factor in the song’s success, because he contributes a sharp verse and a catchy chorus. That pretty much allows the bubbling female MC and Short Dog to fill in the blanks.
    -hip hop wired

  3. Thnx 4 the lyric anonymous..couldnt find it on google ... thanks... =)

  4. @thelupendblog..
    Found this link I dont know what it is becuse my dumb android phone doesnt let me see the video..is it making papers video?

  5. good song, but it should actually be lupe featuring the other artist since most of it is him anyway.

  6. Not liking this one at all. That's a first for me.

    1. I dont like your mum at all thats a first for me

    2. No need to insult because he has a different opinion of this song than yours. Both are valid.

    3. mom jokes? There needs to be more age gates on the internet.

      Also, I actually have an opinion on this song. Our friend who apparently is a mother fucker, just comments off subject.

  7. @2o6fiasco it would still be Dj Chuckie featuring... its his beat. Like "no new friends" should be drake featuring but its Dj khaled's beat so.
    I like this joint tho, like an extension of FOTP!

  8. Just can't wait for the video. Lupe looks hot in the suit.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Lupe's verse is absolutely killer! I turned the song off the second he stopped rapping, but that first verse, the line about Kareem ..... DIRTY!

  11. Awesome goes very well together

  12. i get the play on lion/lyin, whale/well, but what does he mean with the dolphin line? more expereinced lu interpreters, help me! also, why too short? b.o.b should have cleaned up w/ the third verse

  13. I thought he meant he was a master at communicating to a multitude of audiences..


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