Lupe's Twitter Cypher - July 15th, 2013

To commemorate Lupe's annexation from the Twitter community, I decided to post the "cypher" he got into early last week. His departure from Twitter and creation of #NorthScorea lost Lupe his blue "verified" check, but I'm sure being the head of #NorthScorea is a hat that suits him better. It's amazing what Lu can do with 140 characters.


  1. Dude thirsty af for some attention... 3-4 tweets per lu tweet. Lmao

  2. fuck lupe for this shit. dude's become a little dictator of his own bullshit made up country.
    i got deleted from his twitter cos i pointed out australia is a racist country (shit isn't debatable) when he said he wanted to move here.

    1. Fair warning was given that offensive & unnecessarily negative followers would be "thinned" - don't know what you said, but everyone (including "famous" people) has the right to block people from their Twitters and FaceBooks etc. - Lupe has the same rights as everyone else and doesn't make him a "dictator". I am appreciating the more constructive and positive convos taking place since ... wish it would spread to everyone's Twitter!!!


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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