Lupe Fiasco reveals details about early versions of Lasers!

Despite Lasers debuting at #1 and being a Gold certified album, its interesting to think what it would've been had it not been delayed for 3 years. Well, Lupe went on Twitter yesterday and let loose a lot of information about pre-retail versions of the album:
-- Along with Scream and Stereo Sun, songs that were slated to be on the album include All Systems Go, You Can Have It All, Ghost, and Lasers ft Matthew Santos.

-- He may release the studio version of Scream once he's out of contract with Atlantic.

-- A Lupe x Lady Gaga collab existed at one point, but the label said he was rapping too fast.

-- Kid Cudi was supposed to be on "Til I Get There", and there was also a song with Lupe x Cudi x Nicki Minaj.
He confirmed the existence of 2 collabs that we've told you about; one with Rev Run and another with The Gorillaz. He also revealed that he wanted to have Eminem on the Superstar Remix but it didn't work out.

Which one of these collabs would you have been most excited about? Tell us in the comments below!


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    1. I second that. But it will be better if it is a new song.

    2. Agreed! Don't forget, Eminem hadn't come out with anything in a few years, so that would've been a sweet way to return to rap.

      But I'm Having a Relapse was still really sick

  2. Would've been pretty interesting to here Cudi on the ”Till I Get There” hook, although Lupe did a great job on that hook. The Lupe, Cudi and Nicki track is also very intriguing.

  3. I would like to hear the Cudi and Gorillaz. and especially the Eminem. but im still hoping he gets with Big KRIT

  4. Would have bin nice:

    1. Aisha's Wise Words
    2. Stereo Sun
    3. Shinning Down
    4. I'm Beamin
    5. Fire (Hendrix)
    6. Beautiful Lasers
    7. Lasers ft: Matthew Santos
    8. Scream
    9. All Systems Go
    10. Ghost
    11. You Can Have It All
    12. Army Girl
    13. U Want More

    Wish we could get these...I've got 8....

  5. WOW...album really was a clusterfuck...I want every track tho...

  6. Lasers could've been right up there with F&L... still behind it but right there. I even would've been intrigued by the GaGa feature, she has a unique voice.. f-f-f-f*ck atlantic

  7. And of course Cudder & Eminem... Em especially, Lu needs to remix more of his tracks.

  8. I bet cudi woulda sounded tight on the hook, we all know thats what he would have done on that song, not that lupes hook was bad but cudi woulda made it greater. Eminem would have been interesting too.

  9. Holy Crap!!! That Lady Gaga one makes no sense, but everything else sounds fantastic! All of it though seems a little strange. Why would Atlantic not want him to do a song with Kid Cudi, or Nicky, and rather have him do "Break the Chain" or a stupid song like that. Silly Wasalu!

    I've been absolutely dying for Lupe to do some sort of collab that will hit big, hopefully it happens soon. Cudi, Kendrick or J Cole make the most sense

  10. Gosh it looks ike all the authenticity was missing from Lasers. Atlantic really screwed lupe over and damaged his reputation.

  11. I really, really want to hear some of these tracks, except for minaj, bitch is whack as fuck.

  12. FUCK ATLANTIC RECORDS, they ruined lupe. Not to mentioned a mastered version of Army Girl would be sick. He should just release to original lasers after his contract with Atlantic.

  13. Lupe rapping too fast? Atlantic doesn't know shit about real hip hop just $$$...

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    1. dont want to see that .... why.... lupe=positive music and eminim=negative crap

  15. og lasers needs to be released as a mixtape!

  16. hope there isnt any collabs with those muppets eminem and nicky minajj. they both chat shit .... would love to hearcollab with gorrilaz....

  17. A lupe fiasco ft kid cudi collabo

  18. he may finally release scream? i think im about to tear up..ive wanted that song since i first heard it. and that cudi collab would have been dope hope we eventually get all the songs that were supposed to be on there

  19. hopefully we can get Lupe Fiasco's Lasers very soon

  20. smgdh, it'd be nice to hear these tracks on another release of lasers done lu's way.-law

  21. One of my problems with the last two lupe albums is it seems like his fast flow that I really liked was gone

    Apparently Atlantic had a lot to do with that

  22. "A Lupe x Lady Gaga collab existed at one point, but the label said he was rapping too fast."
    These producers need to take a seat like wtf real rap is Lu's beats and rhymes with a rat-at-tat.
    Recoed labels be like someone listening to classical music and saying its too slow. WELL DONE Lupe for standing your ground.

  23. Lady Gaga has song with Wale and Kendrick Lamar so I can see why she'd be with Lu. Eminem? hell no he's only lyrical when he curses every five seconds. Ive waited for a Kid Fiasco track forever sucks Atlantic didn't let it happen they have no idea how to manage rap artists.


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