Audio: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Jenny Boom Boom

Jenny Boom Boom caught up with Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian at the Grammys. Lupe talks about "Battle Scars," who he thinks will win the award for Best Hip Hop Album Of The Year (Nas) and about cancelling his next album Food & Liquor 2 part 2 and upcoming projects.

Lupe stayed tight-lipped when asked about the album cancellation and his inauguration performance.


  1. FIRST he only didn't answer questions about gf now everything lol
    nothing about part 2 and no comment about inauguration event

  2. Replies
    1. Obviously Lupe was joking and payed respect to Nas. With that said, not only is ego annoying but so are anal nitpickers lol

  3. ^^ you should be use to it by now Pimpin...

  4. ^uhmmmmm noooo... Ego is still fucking annoying

    1. What artist you kno that don't have an ego..

  5. A rapper of his stature can only by humble for so long. He's just having fun.

  6. ^uhmmmm humility shouldn't be percieved as a burden

    Ego isn't FUNctional... !

    Hahahahahaah I'm having fun now :)

    Woooohoo u should call me MC Anonymous !

    Buy my album !

    Tootle dee Doo!


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