New Music: Lupe Fiasco x B.o.B - Who Are You Now

Lupe just dropped this gem via his twitter. An unfinished track feat. B.o.B from phase 2 of Lasers, produced by Lupe himself. Here's what Lupe said about it:

Who Are You Now from Phase 2 of LASERS. Was an early track for LASERS that got put on the backburner unfinished. I wanted Cee-Lo or Janelle on the 3rd!

Prod by Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B on Guitar & Matt Nelson on the boards. Oh and Graham Burris on BASS!!! Japanese Cartoon On The Check In.

For those who say I don't put out free music or question my love for my fans...take this as a peace offering or a STFU whatever fits you haha!


  1. Lupe's Verse:
    Well first she had on baby clothes
    Then she had young lady clothes
    Mom tried to keep her out the sexy clothes
    Prom night she want dressy clothes
    Took her all night to get ready for
    Retro, now she want 80s clothes
    No colleges, no scholarships, so she put on some navy clothes
    Pregnant now its bigger clothes
    Delivered, now back in littler clothes
    Different girl when the liquor flows
    Stripper name, stripper clothes
    Stripper pose on stripper poles
    Then take off her stripper clothes
    Right in front them jiggalos
    Cocaine what she stick her nose
    Burnt out, turned out, bull dag(?) now she walk around in niggas clothes
    Out that sad, out that bad, Goodwill got to give her clothes
    Oh the humanity like that burning the rigabowl(?)
    Richard Prior lit on fire
    She cant tell what fit nomore and

  2. Hook:
    so you spend all your time to fit in line
    to fit in the crowd
    and even in the mirrors eyes
    yourself you cant identify
    and just like the energizer rabbit
    you just be spinning round
    and as it intensifies
    your life it dematerializes

    who are you now
    its like everyday you change
    who are you now
    your style your clothes your name
    who are you now
    so who are you now
    who are you now
    who are you now

  3. B.O.B.'s Verse:
    Hah, todays stylings injected like a virus
    From tv screens to your iris
    You buy what you are provided with
    Whatever your size is
    You lay it flat and iron it and
    And if you fight it
    Its like David vs Goliath
    Cause that skin you sposed to hide it
    Dress it up and deny it hah
    Cant even go natural nomore cause if you do you probably wont get hired
    So tell me whose lying
    If I am I'm lying
    On the ground but I'm flying
    And they still tryna find me

  4. Someone needs to jump in on that last verse... Mickey Factz?

  5. it's
    "that burning dirigible"

  6. i love lu but don't bullshit us you've been stingy with your music you're entire career and releasing one unfinished song doesn't change that

  7. sounds like it could have been really dope

  8. Thank God it didn't make the cut. It's awful.

  9. Lupe's best choruses are the ones he sings in

  10. Well... It's better than that shit with Tray Songz.

  11. I take it this is one of the three songs Lupe said him and B.o.B recorded together during that "Game Changers" interview

  12. I can definitely hear OutKast on this track. Would be amazing.

  13. umm out of my head is dope and I hate trey songz so fuck what you are talking about. And whoever said this awful is crazy it didnt make the cut cuz its not finished not mixed or mastered so the vocals sound bad but if it was finished it would be dope.

  14. I loove it! It's CUTE... yall stans r strange.

  15. this shit is DOPE. im dying to hear the originally submitted LASERS now.



  17. Maybe Lasers in all of its different "phases" could have been his new LupEND. Lasers is nice. Looking forward to Food & Liquor 2.

  18.'s ok. Glad it didn't make the cut.


    Check out the music Amazing voice
    she plays the guitar and she raps too. It's like nothing
    you've ever heard before
    The next Lauryn Hill!!!

  20. Man lupe really SUCKS at producing...

  21. Janelle Monae woulda went off on this. This is better than most of what was on the album, if you ask me.

  22. Did this dude really say "bull dyke"...? wow..

    Lu has seriously changed.

    To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. Shit like that makes me want to throw all my lupe records in the damn garbage.

  23. Hmmmmm... :/ yeah, the casual homophobic lyrics in this and Go To Sleep bother me, but whatever *sigh* It's a good song,though. Wish the album sounded more like this too.


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