Lupe Fiasco addresses HOB Lasers Release Party

A lot of people who attended the Lasers Release Party at the House of Blues in Chicago 2 days ago were disappointed with it. Lupe just took to twitter to clear some things up:

To be clear to everyone that attended the House Of Blues Laser release thing in Chicago. It was NEVER supposed to be a show... The promoters didn't stress to the public the fact that it was supposed to just be a party.

I had NO hand in organizing the event. Nor did my team. I don't even know who the other performers were until the night before the event.

As far as me being late I literally drove about 6 hours to get there and I ran out of gas around Springfield!!!! Shout to AAA 4 the save!!! But anyways my name was on it so I'll take the "L" and rest assured that it will NEVER EVER happen again.

I love my fans. I'm sorry u guys had to go thru some BS. Again me and my crew had NOTHING to do w/ how the event was ran or organized. Also all the money for the event from my side is and always was going to be donated to charity so atleast for me it was a free event.

PREVIOUSLY: Lupe Fiasco performs 'Words I Never Said' @ HOB


  1. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO, my man ran out of gas!!! I would of love to see that one. But seriously, I am glad he addressed this...well he really had to especially since that's the hometown. Shout out to the Chi! Yah some troopers fo real!

  2. LMFAOOOO I was on twitter when he tweeted all this the fact that he ran out of gas looool but he's a gentlemen for addressing the situation when his PA

  3. "As far as me being late I literally drove about 6 hours to get there and I ran out of gas around Springfield!!!! Shout to AAA 4 the save!!!"

    LMAOOOOOOO!!! that is waaay 2 funny! but WAIT... I thought yo tank was always on FULL and our's was on E. j/k but yea... I forgive you boo ;)

  4. That's awesome that he would address it, but he really didn't have to.

    I would have loved it just to see him either way

  5. It's cool that he would let us know what happened because it was certainly VERY UN-Lupe like. I don't know if running out of gas is funny or sad (still doesn't explain a 5 song set) but thanks for filling us in.

    Sadie - Trust me, you didn't want to be there. It was an awful experience.

    I look forward to Lupe "totally redeeming himself!!" next time.

  6. ^the 5 song set is because it was a party not a concert. the organizer were supposed to entertain yall after he left

  7. man your music is too inspiring to be mad at some bullshit event that didn't go right haha...dont' even stress it homie the fans got mad love for you


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